Our Story

Hello and thanks for visiting Dancers World

As a family business wholesaling dancewear to retailers, dance schools and teachers since the early 1980's, our story started way before the internet and online shopping!

With both of us being dance teachers running a full time dance school, dancewear was much more difficult to come by 35+ years ago, and with a small selection of garments and shoes we opened a shop for both our pupils and other locals. It was a great success, and being located on the same site as our dance school, which was also a regional centre for one of the large dance teachers organisations, other dance teachers quickly became interested. Our policy of offering them the same wholesale price whether they needed 1 or 101 was welcomed, and our 'mail order' business began.

Over the next few years we grew very quickly, established our own brand of dance clothing and had a mailing list of teachers throughout the world. Our very first orders were at a time when even using a credit card over the phone was a new experience for many, and so our post box was regularly full of order forms, cheques and enquiries.

Gradually technology advanced so much so that now ordering by post is rare, with our web site taking quite a large percentage of our orders. Some customers still like to speak to us, and we are equally happy to discuss products or take orders over the phone.

Our website has been designed to offer high quality dance garments, shoes, accessories and gifts that are value for money and make life for the dance teacher, retailer, coach or theatrical group a little bit easier.

Despite no longer having the dance school, we still love dance. It's in our blood! Our efforts now are often not as energetic or athletic as they once were - unfortunately that's down to our advancing years!, but one thing we have learned is that having the right gear and shoes can make the difference between success and failure and can also enhance the enjoyment of time spent dancing. After all, if you can look good as well as feel comfortable, then your confidence rises, and you get noticed!

As a result, we try and offer a range of products that will suit not only class and uniform requirements but also when your customers of pupils need to look just that little bit more special.

We'd love you to explore our site to find out more about the innovations in fabrics and designs now available, but please feel free to contact us with any queries, questions or just for a chat.